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Professional Lock Installation Services

Ensuring Optimal Security with Expert Installation

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Locksmith Services Perth - Installation

Residential Locksmith installation services

If you have just moved into a new home and are considering replacing the locks for either upgraded security or peace of mind that you have the only set of keys. No matter if you want a traditional deadbolt or a keyless entry system we will expertly install they system and remove the old locks. 

Our Locksmith Installation Services:

  • Lock fitting: A professional locksmith can help to properly fit a lock to your door or window. Remember that there are different types of locks that work best with certain kinds of doors and windows. By hiring us you are making sure that your locks are fitted correctly and will last for years to come.
  • High-security lock installation: High-security lock systems protect against robberies or any other method of trespassing and attack. We will install a heavy-duty lock that can withstand picking and drilling.
  • Electronic lock installation: Even the oldest or simplest homes can boast top-of-the-line security systems. Our team of mobile locksmiths installs electronic locks such as keypad locks, Bluetooth locks, magnetic door locks, and more. We also smoothly install keyless entry systems, so you can move in and out of your property with ease (and without fumbling with your key chains every single time!).

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Types of locks we commonly deal with

Security Screen Locks

Digital Door Locks

Security Screen Locks

Patio Bolts


Window Locks

Our Locksmith Services


Upgrade your security with modern, reliable locks for enhanced property protection and peace of mind. We offer a wide variety of lock options for professional supply and installation. Choose from our range of high-quality locks to meet your specific needs.


Secure your new property and maintain control over access with our rekeying services. Whether you've just moved in or need to restrict entry, our team at Ultimate Lock and Security recommends rekeying your locks for peace of mind and complete control.


Protect your peace of mind and safeguard your property by rekeying your locks. Whether you've lost your keys or suspect they may have been stolen, our highly recommended service will deter unwanted visitors and provide enhanced security for your home.


Unlock peace of mind with My Locksmith Perth. Whether you've lost your keys, they were stolen, or you're locked out, our reliable solutions will swiftly resolve your frustrations.


Tailored service and top-quality products to meet your needs. With a focus on understanding your business requirements, we prioritize deterring intruders and securing your property.

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